New Construction

Summit Lift Company is the oldest and most experienced independent Ropeway Service Company in the West. 

From the Civil Work to Commissioning

We perform Installations of new or used lifts on a turn-key basis or can provide assistance to your crews. 

From the Civil Work to Commissioning


Preventative and Annual Maintenance

     Tower Alignment


Throughout our history we have constructed more than 60 ropeways including 3S gondolas, Handle Tows and everything in between.

          Wire Rope

Summit Lift Company can supply you with haul ropes for your lifts.  Our connections with the Haul Rope manufacturers can work for you in excellent pricing.

We offer Haul Rope Splicing and Rigging with our In-House qualified Splicer.

        Multi Skilifts

Handle and Rope tows

For Tubing or Riding.  The Best Handletows available.

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