The CROSSLIFT is our most versatile Inclined Elevator designed for comfortable travel of up to 12 people over uneven ground or steep grades.  Vertical and horizontal curves are accommodated by use of a funicular style drive. Rails can be ground height or elevated. Cabin comfort is provided by automatic operation of doors, air-conditioning and deluxe interior design. Landings feature synchronized door opening and closing in custom designed landings with or without automatic doors. Applications can be commercial or residential. 


The COMFORT is the highest quality European design and manufacturing available with all the features needed or desired for residential and commercial applications.

The HILLSIDE ELEVATOR is our most economical and versatile inclined elevator that can accommodate a vertical curve in the track. Its standard features are an attractive cabin for 4 - 6 persons, landing gates, automatic operation, stable 3 foot wide track gauge, galvanized or painted components and uses normal house power voltage. Custom features on the landing gates and cabin styles are available.