Opportunities and Achievements

Since Incorporation in 1995 we have provided project management worldwide and installed and maintained lift installations of all sizes in the North American ski /snowboard industry. 

We represent OUTDOOR ENGINEERS INC. as an agent to sell, install and service their product lines which include Tramways and Circulating Ropeways (up to 12 Passenger), Inclined Elevators and Avalanche Guard products.

We are an agent for MULTISKILIFTS whose products are Handletows and Ropetows.

Our home is in Beautiful British Columbia and we draw our work force from many locations. We specialize in challenging building locations and view them as opportunities

Mission Statement

Building Together: Respect for each other, politeness and a desire to do it right results in good products and relationships that last.

President's Message

Many building opportunities have been given to me and the best ones have been the building of relationships with people that I've been fortunate enough to work and play with on projects. At Summit Lift we encourage this type of construction. Hope you like it here!

Completed Apprentice                        Apprentices

Britton Taylor                                                       Craig Zurowski
Completed Journeyman Welder                         Level 3 Welder           
Ryan Reedyk                                                          Kierna Nikula
Completed Journeyman Millwright                   Level 2 Millwright     
Jacob Gliege                                                        Jared Hutchinson                   
Completed Journeyman Millwright                   Level 1 Welder 
Julien Bernard
Completed Journeyman Millwright


                                                           CONNOR MACKENZIE KARL GLIEGE                                                                       

 This page is a tribute to Connor Mackenzie Karl Gliege, an employee, friend, brother and son. 

 We were blessed to share Connor’s life on the days between his birth on September 14, 1991 to his death on August 25,  2013. At just shy of 22 years of age, Connor had filled more action into his life than most. 

 As an employee he was well on his way to being a skilled ski lift builder.  His fine skills were excavator and snowcat  operating, welding and skilled labor in shop and field. 

 As a friend there was none like him.  His laugh still rings in most of our ears and the happy memories of his figure filling the doorway when he arrived are unforgettable.  He always had time to help out, ask questions, come up with the craziest ideas (maybe they were not so crazy), visit and just be a friend.  He was a legend and also inspiration to many with his skilled performance on snow and skate.  Check out Connor Gliege on You Tube. 

 He is my brother because we are both God’s sons through faith in Jesus Christ. 

 He was our youngest son of three children and was as unique and precious as Jacob and Natalie are.  His childhood was amazingly precious, his teenage years rough but fast and his adulthood started early.  I am so happy and very proud to have been his father, brother, friend and employer.  Not all fathers get to do that and I am truly blessed in the life of Connor.

 I/we are however sad beyond belief that he has gone on before us so soon and so far. The good times most days are shadowed by the loss and he is really really missed. So I guess it will just have to be like skiing with him was, incredible action mostly in the air and then he was out of sight but waiting for you at the end of the run.  Connor Mack this last run was way too short so ״Wait up Bro, I'm coming"


   Randy Gliege